Welcome to Candlewick Communications

Candlewick Communications Candlewick Communications is an enterprise network engineering and consulting firm. Candlewick is primarily comprised of elite CCIE level engineers, specializing in the design and implementation of Internetworking, Voice Over IP (VOIP), Network Security and Wireless Solutions in Southern California. Our certified engineers have extensive field experience for both large and small enterprises. By using a team of seasoned experts, Candlewick Communications provides the customer with individualized engineering and customer service, in order to maximize the value oriented results for the customer's business.

Candlewick Communications prides itself in forging strong relationships with our partners and customer accounts. We focus on dealing with people honestly and fairly, and we do our best to complete our projects as quickly and efficiently as possible. We use industry specialists that leverage their experience to surpass expectations. With the right skill set, an implementation project can be completed in less time and with less disruption. This helps to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. We have met all of our customers through referrals, and have kept them using hard work and success.